Is architect higher than engineer?

In general, an architect is someone who designs buildings and other structures, while an engineer is someone who designs and develops the systems and components that make up those structures.

Architects typically focus on the aesthetic and functional design of buildings, as well as ensuring that their designs comply with building codes and regulations. They may also be involved in overseeing the construction of a building project.

Engineers, on the other hand, focus on the technical systems and components that make up a building, such as electrical systems, HVAC systems, and structural systems. They work to ensure that these systems function safely and efficiently.

While both architects and engineers play important roles in the design and construction of buildings, they often have different areas of expertise and focus. The roles of architects and engineers may overlap in certain projects, but they are generally considered to be separate fields.

It’s worth noting that, in some countries, an architect must have an engineering degree and be licensed in engineering as well. An Engineer may not necessarily have an architectural background. That may vary based on the country’s regulations.