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About the Singapore Digital Office (SDO)

The Singapore Digital Office (SDO), established under the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), drives our concerted nationwide movement to accelerate digital adoption in our community. To achieve this, SDO will work with like-minded members of the community, corporate entities and individuals to reach out to every citizen, worker and business, to equip them with the digital tools and skills to participate meaningfully in the evolving social and economic environment. Through this whole-of-nation movement, we will ensure every Singaporean has a place in our shared digital future.

For media clarifications, please contact:

(Ms) Jasmine Xu
Assistant Manager, Communications and Marketing, IMDA
Tel: (65) 6202 4425

(Mr) Christopher Koh 

Senior Manager, Communications and Marketing, IMDA

Tel: (65) 9144 1995


Giving seniors more reasons to smile

We are here to help our seniors take their next step in going digital!

Though making the digital leap may seem like a big hurdle, all it takes is a single step—and we are here to help our seniors in their journey. Whatever their existing familiarity with tech, this programme is tailored for seniors to Go Digital and have fun doing it.

Learn how to go digital

With safe distancing measures likely here to stay, digitalisation offers a way for seniors to continue living life to the fullest. From using video calls to connect with friends and family to buying products at hawker centres and wet markets, and even using SingPass Mobile for SafeEntry, the possibilities are endless online.

There is a wealth of online resources available for seniors to get started.

For more information on these online resources, click on the button below.

All hands on deck!

A fully digitalised Singapore is only possible through cooperation. To expand the reach of Seniors Go Digital, IMDA will be partnering interested corporate and community organisations, donors, volunteers and others who wish to contribute to the programme as part of SG Together.

Visit our Digital Access Programme to find out more about how our initiative benefits low-income families. Organisations interested to contribute to the cause can contact the Community Chest at or at 1800 210 2600.

Visit the fundraising webpage for the Digital Access Programme at to donate online, or scan the QR code below.


(Tax deductions applicable for donations above $10)