IETI Courses Offered

IETI College is a private college in South Africa that offers a variety of courses in different fields of studies such as apprenticeships, learnerships, occupational qualifications and also short courses. Some of the courses offered by IETI College include:


  • Refrigeration Mechanic Apprenticeship
  • Electrician (Construction) Apprenticeship
  • Welder Apprenticeship
  • Carpentry Apprenticeship
  • Plumber Apprenticeship
  • Electrician Apprenticeship
  • Plasterer Apprenticeship
  • Painter Apprenticeship
  • Bricklayer Apprenticeship


  • Electrical Engineering Nqf2 – Nqf4 Learnership
  • Manufacturing, Engineering And Related Activities Nqf2 Learnership
  • Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration And Ventilation Nqf2 – Nqf4 Learnership
  • Welding Application And Practice Nqf4 – Nqf4 Learnership
  • Hot Water System Installation Nqf2 Learnership
  • Plumbing Nqf4 Learnership
  • Construction Contracting Nqf2 Learnership
  • Community House Building Nqf2 Learnership
  • Building And Civil Construction


  • Electrician Occupational Qualification
  • Refrigeration Occupational Qualification
  • Welder Occupational Qualification
  • Carpentry Occupational Qualification
  • Plumber Occupational Qualification
  • Bricklaying Occupational Qualification


  • Programmable Logic Controller Course
  • Motor & Starters Electrical Wiring Course
  • Advanced Motor & Starters Electrical Wiring Course
  • Industrial Electrical Wiring Course
  • Electronics Course
  • Domestic Electrical Wiring Course
  • Introduction To Refrigeration
  • Commercial Refrigeration Course
  • Air Conditioning Course
  • Install & Maintain Sanitary Ware Appliances Course
  • Introduction And Safety To The Plumbing Industry Course
  • Install & Maintain Hot Water Cylinders Including Solar Systems Course
  • Install & Maintain Gms Piping And Flashing Course
  • Install & Maintain Copper Piping & Brazing Course
  • Install And Maintain Below Ground Drainage Systems Course

For a more comprehensive list of courses and further information, you can visit their official website or contact the institution directly.