How to Create a Poll on Whatsap

Creating a poll on WhatsApp is a straightforward process that lets you get quick input from your contacts. Here’s how to do it:

1. Open the WhatsApp Chat:

  • Launch the WhatsApp application on your phone.
  • Navigate to the individual or group chat where you want to create the poll.

2. Access the Attachment Menu:

  • Look for the attachment icon next to the chat textbox.
    • On Android devices, it’s a paperclip icon.
    • On iPhones, it’s a plus (+) symbol.

3. Select “Poll”:

  • In the attachment menu options, tap on the “Poll” icon. It usually resembles a bar chart.

4. Craft Your Poll:

  • Under “Question,” enter the clear and concise question you want to ask in your poll.

5. Add Answer Options:

  • Below the question, you’ll see options to enter your answer choices. By default, there are two options, but you can add up to twelve.

6. Organize Options (Optional):

  • Tap and hold the four horizontal lines beside each option to drag and reorder them if needed.

7. Allow Multiple Votes (Optional):

  • By default, users can only vote for one option. If you want them to choose multiple options, toggle the “Allow Multiple Answers” switch on.

8. Send the Poll:

  • Once everything is set, tap “Send” on Android or the send arrow icon on iPhone to share the poll with the chat participants.

9. View Results:

  • Anyone in the chat can vote on the poll. You can view the current results by tapping on the poll itself. It will show the vote count for each option.