How to Apply to Face-to-Face Beauty School

It is quite easy to apply or register to pursue a programme or course at Face-to-Face Beauty School. The steps for the application are outlined as follows:

  • Visit any of the Face-to-Face Beauty School websites per the branch of your choice: Head office (, Westrand ( or Potchefstroom (
  • For the head office branch, click the menu button and scroll to locate and click ‘request application’
  • For the Potchefstroom branch, you can just click on the ‘enquiry form’ button below the menu button to access the ‘request application’ form
  • For the Westrand branch, click on the main menu and click ‘contact us’ to sent the application request form
  • Complete and submit the application request form; and you will receive the relevant course application form via email.
  • Further directions on applications will also be given you by the school’s representative.

You can also contact Face-to-Face Beauty School directly via the following channels to discuss your application: Institution’s telephone or Email.