How to Apply to Central University of Technology

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What documents should I have ready for the application cycle?

  • Current Matriculants: Upload Final Grade 11 results or Grade 12 June results.
  • Already Matriculated applicants: You will have to upload your certified ID and Senior Certificate.
  • Higher Qualifications than matric: You will have to upload your certified ID, Senior Certificate, your qualification(s) and study record.
  • Postgraduate Applicants: Visit the Head of the Department / Assistant Deans, Research Innovation and Engagement to discuss research project for Masters or Doctorate study before applying online. For more information, Postgraduate Studies.

Application to the CUT is free

Individuals are promoting that they can assist prospective students in applying. The Central University of Technology, Free State (CUT) would like to warn all prospective students that there is no way other than the process described here for application.

If you are asked for money to assist you with your application, you are being swindled by scammers.

No application fee. No authorised consultants to assist with the application.

You have never applied to study at the Central University of Technology. This is your first application.

When should you Re-apply?

Applications at the Central University of Technology work in cycles. Each year there is a new application cycle, and your previous year’s application status does not carry over. Thus, you must re-apply for consideration in the next academic year. You re-apply because you have a record on the system, which you will now update with your current information. If you cannot update/change a field, it is required that you attach a document.

If you did not complete a year of study, you also re-apply.

CUT Continuing Students

You are currently a registered student and plan to start with a new programme of study, you must apply to do so.

Need more information?

Need help with your application?

Have trouble with the system PIN or student number?

We have been receiving several enquiries about PIN and/or Student number for the application system. A guide has been created to assist.

Change or update Address and/or contact information

Having trouble updating your address or contact information? Download the how to change contact details guide (PDF) | 10 May

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) on CUT’s iEnabler

What’s iEnabler 2FA? It’s an extra layer of protection for iEnabler. Simply put, iEnabler 2FA adds an additional security step to your login process.
You will enter a unique verification code (sent to your phone) and password to access your account.

When you access iEnabler, there will be a prompt to activate 2FA, please do so.

For more help, download the iEnabler 2FA how-to manual (PDF)

Watch: How to Apply Online

Step-by-step system guide – Download the How to Apply Online – A System Guide (PDF) | 05 May

Read each step in the guide carefully before you complete it. It is important that you set aside time and do this slowly and carefully. Making changes to your application is a complicated process. Take care.