How much does a carer get paid 

The current maximum rate for a single person is $967.50 per fortnight or $729.30 for each member of a couple. However, the payment rates for Carer Payment can vary depending on individual circumstances. Here are some factors that can affect the payment amount:

  1. Relationship Status: The payment rate may differ based on whether you are single, partnered, or have dependent children.
  2. Income and Assets Tests: Carer Payment is subject to income and assets tests. The payment amount may be reduced or not payable if your income or assets exceed certain thresholds.
  3. Additional Supplements: There are various additional supplements that may be available to eligible recipients of Carer Payment, such as the Energy Supplement and Pharmaceutical Allowance. These supplements provide additional financial support to help cover specific costs.

It’s important to note that payment rates are periodically reviewed and may change over time. To obtain the most up-to-date information regarding the payment rates for Carer Payment, I recommend visiting the official website of Services Australia or contacting them directly. They can provide you with specific details based on your individual circumstances.