How do prepaid tokens work?

Prepaid tokens are a way of buying and loading credit for prepayment services, such as prepaid electricity, water, or gas. Prepaid tokens work by allowing customers to purchase a token, which contains a unique code that can be used to load credit onto their prepayment meter or account.

When a customer purchases a prepaid token, they will receive a unique token number or code, usually via SMS or email. They can then use this code to add credit to their prepaid account or meter, usually by entering the code into a keypad on the meter or through an online portal. The amount of credit loaded onto the account or meter will depend on the value of the token purchased.

Once the credit has been loaded, it can be used to pay for the relevant prepayment service. For example, if a customer has purchased a prepaid electricity token, they can use the credit on their meter to power their home appliances until the credit runs out. When the credit gets low, they can purchase another prepaid token to top up their account and continue using the service.

Prepaid tokens provide a convenient and flexible way of managing prepayment services, allowing customers to easily add credit to their accounts whenever they need it. They also provide greater control over usage and expenditure, as customers can monitor their credit levels and adjust their usage accordingly.