How do I start being a bookkeeper?

Starting a career as a bookkeeper can involve the following steps:

  1. Acquire education and training: Consider taking bookkeeping or accounting courses to gain a basic understanding of financial transactions and how to record them. You can also get certified, such as the National Bookkeepers Association (NBA) or the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB).
  2. Gain experience: Consider starting by volunteering or working part-time as a bookkeeper for a small business or non-profit organization. This can give you the experience you need to start building your resume.
  3. Build your skills: Stay up to date with changes in bookkeeping and accounting practices by taking additional courses or attending seminars.
  4. Network: Connect with other bookkeepers and attend industry events to build relationships and learn about job opportunities.
  5. Apply for job opportunities: Look for entry-level bookkeeping positions at small businesses, accounting firms, or online platforms like Upwork or Fiverr. Consider obtaining a bookkeeping software certification, such as QuickBooks, to make yourself more attractive to potential employers.
  6. Maintain ongoing professional development: Stay current with changes in bookkeeping and accounting practices by continuing your education and obtaining certifications.

By following these steps, you can begin your journey towards a career as a bookkeeper and develop the skills and experience you need to succeed.