Harambee: Your Gateway to Youth Employment in South Africa

Harambee, a not-for-profit social enterprise, tackles youth unemployment in South Africa by offering a multifaceted approach. While SAYouth, its flagship program, connects young people directly with opportunities, Harambee itself goes a step further. It provides crucial support services and works with partners to create a more sustainable solution to youth unemployment.

What Harambee Offers:

  • Job Seekers: While Harambee doesn’t directly host job listings, it works extensively with SAYouth, the national platform for youth employment. This means you’ll gain access to a vast database of jobs across various sectors.
  • Skills Development: Harambee recognizes the importance of job readiness. They might offer or connect you with workshops, training programs, and other resources to help you hone your skills and increase your employability.
  • Bridging Programs: Harambee might offer targeted programs designed to bridge the gap between your current skillset and the demands of specific job roles. This can make you a more competitive candidate.
  • Mentorship and Networking: Harambee understands the value of guidance and connections. They might offer mentorship opportunities or facilitate networking events to help you navigate the job market.

Who Can Benefit from Harambee?

  • Unemployed South Africans: Harambee’s primary focus is on helping young, unemployed South Africans (aged 18-34) find work.
  • First-Time Job Seekers: Harambee recognizes the challenges faced by those entering the workforce for the first time. Their services can be particularly helpful for this group.

How to Get Involved with Harambee:

While Harambee doesn’t have a dedicated job board, here’s how to leverage their services:

  1. Register on SAYouth: This is the starting point. Head over to https://sayouth.mobi/join and create a profile.
  2. Explore Harambee Resources: Within SAYouth, you might find resources or programs directly offered by Harambee.
  3. Stay Updated: Keep an eye out for announcements and updates related to Harambee programs and services on the SAYouth platform.
  4. Contact Harambee: For specific inquiries, you can try contacting Harambee through their website (https://www.harambee.co.za/) or social media channels (if available).

The Bigger Picture: Harambee’s Impact

Harambee doesn’t just connect young people with jobs; it works to dismantle systemic barriers that contribute to youth unemployment. They collaborate with:

  • Government Agencies: To develop effective youth employment strategies.
  • Private Sector Employers: To encourage them to provide opportunities for young people.
  • Civil Society Organizations: To create a comprehensive support network for young job seekers.

By working at this systemic level, Harambee aims to create a more sustainable solution to youth unemployment in South Africa.


Harambee, through its partnership with SAYouth, empowers young South Africans by providing access to jobs, skills development, and other support services. It tackles youth unemployment not just through individual placement but also by working towards long-term solutions. By leveraging Harambee’s resources and the SAYouth platform, young people can take a significant step towards building a successful career.