Grantley College School Terms

Each child has their very own road that will lead
to success.
Whether the learner chooses our traditional
Grade 8—12 option or our NcV College of Hospitality option to reach Matric, they will be
supported by our excellent team of educators
and psychologists.
Grade 8 and 9 Learning Support focuses on
giving the learner the tools for learning. Our
Reading Hub programme, focusing on critical
comprehension, as well as our Small Group
Support programme, ensure that no young
person is left behind academically.
From Grade 10—12 Learning Support focusses
on using the tools and skills that we perfected
in Grade 8 and 9 to access the curriculum.
Grantley College offers daily support classes in
all curriculum areas.
Grantley College also offers an inclusive
pastoral care system, with dedicated psychologists on staff to advise and provide emotional
support to our learners.
A range of assessments are offered from Grade
8 to 12, ensuring that adequate examination and
subject choice support is provided.
Concessions such as additional time, prompters, readers and scribes are applied for and
provided to learners, in our state of the art
Concession Centre.