Gold Circle Bursary

The Gold Circle Bursary is a notable scholarship program that plays a crucial role in fostering education and talent development within the horse racing and breeding industry in South Africa. This initiative, established by Gold Circle, a prominent organization in the racing industry, seeks to support individuals who are passionate about pursuing careers in various aspects of the horse racing field. The bursary program underscores Gold Circle’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of professionals and experts who will contribute to the growth and sustainability of this unique industry.

The Gold Circle Bursary program is a testament to the organization’s dedication to excellence and innovation in horse racing and breeding. By providing financial assistance to students pursuing studies related to veterinary science, equine studies, business management, and other relevant fields, Gold Circle not only invests in the education of aspiring professionals but also contributes to the continued success and advancement of the broader horse racing sector in South Africa. This bursary initiative stands as a beacon of opportunity for individuals who are eager to make meaningful contributions to an industry that holds historical, cultural, and economic significance within the country.