Ekurhuleni Technical College Courses

Different Engineering Fields in N1-N3

Engineering Studies are grouped into the following broad categories. Please note that these are not exhaustive as they are many different engineering studies.

Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Civil Engineering-not offered at ET College
Chemical Engineering
How does Studying with Ekurhuleni Technical College work
Studying with us is one of a journey we promise to be worthwhile as we put you in the centre of everything to ensure you obtain your certificate. While we fully understand that studying present its own challenges and students at times get that mental block making difficult to pass a certain subject-as Ekurhuleni Technical College (ET College) we give students enough time to re-write the subjects.

Missing it once is therefore not fatal-we call it a simple trial phase knowing you are still going the do it again. This then assist you as our student to re-write your subjects with no extra new fees but only your exam fee payable for every subject you might choose to write again.

Requirements to study engineering courses with ET College
Engineering courses require that students:

Have a background of Mathematics, Physics/Physical Science and Drawing-if you do not have it, do not worry you can still study Engineering from N1
Students must have an interest in the engineering field with a desire to pursue a career in such. The passion will help you overcome the challenge to give up when things become steep.
Ability to be self disciplined as our courses are done through home study or distance learning.