Double Orphan Pension

Double Orphan Pension (DOP) is a financial support program provided by the Australian government to assist families who have lost both parents, leaving the child/children as double orphans. The DOP is a means-tested payment that aims to provide financial assistance to ensure the well-being and stability of these vulnerable children. It helps cover the costs of their day-to-day living expenses, including education, healthcare, accommodation, and other essential needs.

To be eligible for the Double Orphan Pension, the child must be under the age of 16 and not living with a surviving parent or a person who is legally responsible for them. The DOP payment provides additional support to those who are already receiving other government payments, such as Family Tax Benefit or Carer Payment. This assistance acknowledges the unique challenges faced by double orphans and aims to provide them with a secure and nurturing environment, enabling them to grow and thrive despite their difficult circumstances. The Double Orphan Pension plays a vital role in ensuring these children have access to the resources they need, promoting their overall well-being and helping them build a brighter future.