Dock Master

A Dock Master is a professional responsible for overseeing the operation and management of a dock or marina. This includes tasks such as overseeing the movement of boats in and out of the dock, coordinating the mooring of boats, and ensuring the safety of all boats and individuals in the marina. The Dock Master also manages the day-to-day operations of the marina, such as maintenance and repairs, handling customer complaints and concerns, and enforcing marina rules and regulations.

Additionally, a dock master may also be responsible for the billing and collecting of fees from marina tenants, such as boat slip rental fees and other charges. They may also be responsible for arranging and scheduling events, like boat shows, fishing tournaments and boat races, and working closely with local authorities, such as the coast guard, to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations. They may also be responsible for maintaining accurate records of all boats and their owners, ensuring that all boats have the necessary insurance and registration.

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