Divine Favour Progressive FET College Courses

Boilermaking N1-N3
Civil Engineering N1-N3
Civil Engineering N4-N6
Electrical Engineering N1-N3
Electrical Engineering N4-N6
Chemical Engineering N1-N3
Chemical Engineering N4-N6
Mechanical Engineering N1-N3
Mechanical Engineering N4-N6

Tourism N4-N6
Art and Design N4-N6
Clothing Production N4-N6
Business Management N4-N6
Financial Management N4-N6
Human Resources Management N4-N6
Hospitality and Catering Services N4-N6

Health Promotion Officer NQF Level 3
Social Auxiliary Work NQF Level 4
Child and Youth Care Work NQF Level 4
Social Auxiliary Worker NQF Level 5
Safety Health and Quality Practitioner-Occupational Health and Safety Practitioner NQF Level 5
HIV and AIDS and Treatment options