Department of health Covid Vaccine Registration

Covid-19 Coronavirus Vaccination Certificate

The Vaccination Certificate system is only accessible to the individuals who have received the COVID 19 Vaccine.

Before you start you will need to have the following with you:

  1. Your RSA ID Number or Foreign Passport number or Asylum or Refugee number. (Note this should be the same ID document number you presented when you got vaccinated )
  2. The cell phone with the number you included on your registration.
  3. Your vaccination code from the sms you received post vaccination.

Go to

You must enter all the required details correctly.

If one of the fields entered is wrong, the system will return an error message including “details not found”. You can contact the : The COVID-19 Public Hotline: 0800 029 999 for assistance.

The design of the Vaccination Certificate will be enhanced to ensure that it remains up to date with local and international standards.

You will therefore have to download your updated vaccination certificate for it to remain valid.

The Department of Health will advise on the availability of newer versions of the COVID-19 Vaccination certificate as it becomes available.

It is then the responsibility of a user to keep their COVID-19 vaccination certificate current by following the communication released by the NDoH.

Enquiries: 0800 029 999 – COVID-19 Public Hotline

Who must register?

If you are 12 and above, don’t wait any longer! Go and get vaccinated at a site near you.

You can speed up the process by registering before you get there. When you register online, you can even choose when and where to go.

You don’t have to wait for an SMS. Just go straight to get vaccinated.

This is particularly important if you are fifty years or older because your risk is highest.

Do it NOW! Any questions or concerns, call 0800 029 999
or send an email to:


What will the information be used for?

Information submitted during registration will be used to:

  • Identify eligible vaccination beneficiaries
  • Plan supply of vaccines and ancillary items
  • Allocate beneficiaries to their nearest available service point
  • Communicate with enrolled individuals about the vaccination program, including but not limited to:
    • eligibility
    • when and where they will be vaccinated
    • follow-up vaccination appointments.

What do you need to register?

  1. Access to the internet on any device (cellphone, laptop, tablet, desktop etc.)
  2. Your ID number or Passport (non-RSA), general contact information (your mobile number will be used as the primary mode of communication).
  3. Where available, your medical aid details.
  4. With all information at hand registration should take approximately 2-3 minutes

General Instructions

  • Use ‘Go Back’ to return to the previous page
  • Use ‘Next Step’ to proceed
  • Use your backspace button to delete and replace entries
  • Compulsory questions or questions with restricted responses will show red and block you from proceeding if incorrectly completed/left blank. Any other questions are not compulsory.
  • Please complete questions in the order that they appear, as some answers lead to additional questions and dropdown lists.
  • Please complete in one sitting, as your information will not be saved until you finish the registration.