Dam Technical College Application

It is quite easy to apply or register to pursue a programme or course at DAM Technical College. The steps for the online application are outlined as follows:

  1. Visit the DAM Technical College website
  2. On the menu, locate and click on ‘Dam Schools’. In the drop down menu, choose the course category (school).
  3. This brings you to an information page where you are served with a variety of courses that you can take under your selected school. You can also download the school’s prospectus which should give more detailed information about the various courses.
  4. Return to the main menu, locate and click on ‘Contact’
  5. This opens up their contact page where the institution’s contact details are provided as per their branches.
  6. Make contact with DAM Technical College by calling their contact numbers, sending your inquiries on application by e-mail or sending a fax.
  7. Be sure to leave your contact details when leaving a message so the college can get back to you with your requested answers.

You can also contact DAM Technical College directly by using the whatsApp button on their contact page.