Cornerstone Solutions How to Apply

The following are the conditions which all potential students at Cornerstone Performance Solutions will need to meet to enrol:

A student must register at Cornerstone Performance Solutions on condition that they are not presently registered at any other institution for another qualification

As Cornerstone Performance Solutions makes use of online learning methods, students are required to have regular access to personal technology, including a device that can connect to the digital learning pl at f or m (such as a per sonal computer, laptop or tablet) and either a steady supply of data or a stable internet connection.

To enrol in a particular course, applicants are expected to meet the minimum statutory requirements of the relevant qualification, as well as any additional requirements indicated in the admission criteria. This is in line with the policies and regulations established by the Department of Higher Education and Training, as well as the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations.




All potential students must complete an application form and submit it to the Student Support Department via the Cornerstone Performance Solutions website(

This must be accompanied by the following:

All required supporting documentation

Proof of payment of the application fee (Refer to email where you can request a list of requirements.)