Birnam College Online Application

It is quite easy to apply or register to pursue a programme or course at Birnam College. The steps for the online application are outlined as follows:

  • Visit the Birnam College website at
  • On the menu, click on ‘All Courses’
  • Scroll to view available courses
  • Click on ‘Course Info’ of the preferred course
  • This brings you to the course information page. Here, you have access to more information about the course and to an enquiry form as well as a ‘contact us’ button
  • You can choose to complete and send the enquiry form; and a representative from the institution will contact you to answer your questions and provide guidance for your application
  • You can also choose to use the ‘contact us’ button. This gives you access to their contact details such as telephone number, whatsapp number, email, physical address and also their available social media handles. Feel free to reach the college via any of the given contact channels.
  • Right below the contact details is also the ‘how can we help you’ section. You can fill out that form as well and type in your message, then send to the college. A representative will contact you to provide answers and directions for your application