Application Development Manager resume

Here is an example of a resume for an Application Development Manager:

[Name] [Address] [City, State Zip] [Phone Number] [Email Address]


Experienced Application Development Manager with over [X] years of experience in the [Industry] industry. Proficient in [Programming Language 1], [Programming Language 2], and [Programming Language 3]. Skilled in project management, team leadership, and agile development methodologies. Proven track record of delivering successful software projects on time and within budget.


Application Development Manager [Company] [Location] [Employment Dates]

  • Led a team of [X] software developers in the delivery of [Project] for [Client].
  • Implemented agile development methodologies, including daily stand-ups, sprint planning, and retrospectives.
  • Collaborated with product managers to define and prioritize project requirements.
  • Managed the project budget and tracked progress against project plan.
  • Mentored and trained junior developers on [Programming Language] and software development best practices.

Senior Software Developer [Company] [Location] [Employment Dates]

  • Designed and developed [Project], a [Type of Software] for [Client].
  • Utilized [Programming Language] and [Framework] to build the software.
  • Worked closely with the QA team to ensure the software was bug-free and met customer requirements.
  • Participated in design and code reviews to improve code quality and maintainability.


[Degree] in [Field of Study] [University] [Graduation Date]


  • Programming: [Programming Language 1], [Programming Language 2], [Programming Language 3]
  • Project management: Agile development, Scrum, JIRA
  • Team leadership: Mentorship, training, performance evaluations


  • [Certification 1]
  • [Certification 2]

This is just one example of how an Application Development Manager might format their resume. Depending on the specific job requirements and the individual’s experience and skills, the resume may vary.