Advisor Progressive College Online Application

It is quite easy to apply or register to pursue a programme or course at Advisor Progressive College. The steps for the online application are outlined as follows:

  1. Visit the Advisor Progressive College website
  2. Locate and click on ‘Register Online’.
  3. This brings you to their registration page where you are required to fill out a progressive form.
  4. Select the campus, your desired field of study and when you would like to start (Semester 1 or 2); then click proceed
  5. This opens up the course details with the associated fees. Choose desired course level, part-time/ full-time/exam-only and course subjects and proceed
  6. Enter your personal details; full name, gender, birth date, passport number, contact numbers, home language and email; then click to proceed
  7. Complete your address details and proceed.
  8. Provide all subsequent information as required until you have completely filled out the ten-page form.
  9. Submit.

You can also contact Advisor Progressive College directly via the following channels to discuss your application: Institution’s telephone or Email.