Academy Training Group Short Courses

The Academy Training Group (ATG) offers a range of short courses in various fields to help individuals upskill and gain new knowledge in their areas of interest. Some of the short courses offered by ATG include:

  1. Computer courses: Microsoft Office, Web design, Graphic design, Programming, and more.
  2. Business courses: Bookkeeping, Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources Management, Project Management, and more.
  3. Soft skills courses: Communication skills, Customer service, Emotional intelligence, Time Management, and more.
  4. Hospitality courses: Food and beverage service, Housekeeping, Front Office, and more.
  5. Health and Safety courses: Firefighting, First Aid, Health and Safety Representative, and more.

These short courses are designed to be flexible and accessible, allowing individuals to study at their own pace and in their own time. The courses are offered through a combination of online learning and classroom-based training at ATG’s campuses located in various cities throughout South Africa.

To enroll in an ATG short course, individuals can visit the ATG website or contact the college directly to find out more about the courses on offer, the fees, and the enrollment process.