50 Ways to Make Money with a Capital of 100 ZAR

  1. Freelance Writing: Offer writing services on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork.
  2. Blogging: Start a blog using free hosting services and monetize through ads.
  3. Social Media Management: Manage small businesses’ social media accounts.
  4. Affiliate Marketing: Promote products using social media and earn commissions.
  5. Online Surveys: Participate in surveys on sites like Swagbucks.
  6. Content Creation: Create and sell digital content such as e-books or guides.
  7. Tutoring: Offer tutoring services online through platforms like Tutor.com.
  8. Virtual Assistant: Provide administrative support to businesses remotely.
  9. Handmade Crafts: Sell handmade crafts on sites like Etsy.
  10. Graphic Design: Design logos or social media graphics using free tools like Canva.
  11. Pet Sitting: Offer pet sitting services in your local area.
  12. Translation Services: Translate documents for clients.
  13. Dropshipping: Start a dropshipping store with a small investment in marketing.
  14. Online Coaching: Provide coaching in areas you are knowledgeable in.
  15. Resume Writing: Help job seekers with their resumes.
  16. Stock Photography: Sell your photos on stock photography websites.
  17. Freelance Programming: Offer small coding projects or website fixes.
  18. Digital Marketing: Provide online marketing services for small businesses.
  19. SEO Consulting: Help businesses improve their search engine rankings.
  20. Online Course Creation: Create and sell online courses using free platforms.
  21. Video Editing: Offer basic video editing services.
  22. Voiceover Work: Provide voiceover services for videos and ads.
  23. E-book Publishing: Write and publish e-books on Amazon Kindle.
  24. Mystery Shopping: Sign up for mystery shopping gigs.
  25. Data Entry: Offer data entry services on freelancing sites.
  26. Handmade Jewelry: Make and sell simple jewelry.
  27. House Sitting: Offer house sitting services.
  28. Online Focus Groups: Participate in online focus groups.
  29. Freelance Photography: Sell your photography services.
  30. Gigs on Fiverr: Offer various small services on Fiverr.
  31. Online Market Trading: Start small with forex or cryptocurrency trading.
  32. Transcription Services: Transcribe audio files into text.
  33. Digital Products: Create and sell digital products like printables.
  34. Freelance Proofreading: Offer proofreading services.
  35. Online Arbitrage: Buy low-priced items online and resell them.
  36. Pet Walking: Offer pet walking services.
  37. Online Consulting: Provide consulting in your area of expertise.
  38. Freelance Illustration: Offer illustration services.
  39. Website Testing: Get paid to test and review websites.
  40. Online Workshops: Host workshops or webinars.
  41. Personalized Gifts: Create and sell personalized gifts.
  42. Handyman Services: Offer small repair or maintenance services.
  43. Lead Generation: Generate and sell leads to businesses.
  44. Etsy Printables: Create and sell digital printables on Etsy.
  45. Online Store: Sell items through an online marketplace like Facebook Marketplace.
  46. Virtual Real Estate: Invest in low-cost virtual properties in digital worlds.
  47. Freelance Consulting: Offer consulting services in various fields.
  48. Product Reviews: Get paid to write product reviews.
  49. Content Moderation: Offer content moderation services for online communities.
  50. Online Auctions: Sell items on auction sites like eBay.

These methods require minimal startup costs and can be scaled up as you begin to earn more. Start by leveraging your existing skills and interests to maximize your potential for success.