Who can access my medical records on the NEHR?

Access to the NEHR has to be authorised by MOH and is granted primarily to healthcare professionals who are involved in direct patient care such as doctors. In a GP clinic setting, clinic assistants would not be provisioned with an account, as they do not provide direct patient care.

Employers, insurers and patients are not granted with NEHR access.

Will Government agencies, health researchers, insurance companies and people other than those delivering healthcare be able to access my health records in the NEHR?

Only the healthcare professionals authorised to access the NEHR and who are managing your care can access your health records for provision of care. The NEHR may not be used by doctors when writing medical reports for pre-employment medical screening and insurance claims.

Additionally, NEHR data can be used for purposes of public health, fulfilment of public functions and where legislatively required. These accesses have to be approved by MOH.

Will healthcare professionals ask for my permission to view my health record in the NEHR?

Permission is not needed for healthcare professionals to view your health records. However, only authorised healthcare professionals providing care to you can view your records.

Can I view my own, my parent’s and children’s healthcare record and medication list? If yes, how can I view it?

Patients have no direct access to NEHR, however they do have access to some of their clinical records, through HealthHub. At present, HealthHub provides access for patients to view the following records, which includes:

  • Immunisation records
  • Laboratory results
  • Screening records
  • Discharge information
  • Vital health tracking
  • Appointment information
  • Medications

One may also view his or her children’s medical records which also includes school health records, school dental records and children immunization records. In addition, caregivers may also be able to access patients’ medical records with the appropriate consent granted by their parents through HealthHub.

For more information on the HealthHub, click here.