What is Tol by SLA?

What is “TOL”?
A Temporary Occupation Licence (TOL) is a Licence issued by SLA for the temporary use of State land or for the purpose of the retention of minor encroachment from private properties onto State land.

TOLs are issued for the temporary use of State land for the following purposes:

  • Continued occupation by owners of properties already acquired by and reverted to the Government which are not required for immediate development.
  • Continued occupation of land (e.g. garden, wall and fence etc) already vested or surrendered to the Government, pending implementation of road or drainage or
  • any other public projects.
    Regularisation of minor encroachments on State land.
  • Temporary use of State land for worksites, site offices, concrete batching plants, storage, outdoor refreshment areas, etc.
  • Construction of temporary access roads, outlet drains, gas pipes, sewer lines, etc. on State land.
  • Use of air and subterranean space on State lands for overhead bridges,underpasses, etc.
  • Construction of temporary structures on State foreshore.
  • Use of State lands for sand and granite quarrying.
  • Temporary car parks, open spaces, landscaping etc.
  • Mini fairs, trade expositions, carnivals, etc. on State land.
  • Location filming, soil investigations, religious celebrations, wayang stages, dinner sheds, etc. on State land.