What is the official website of NBI Philippines?

Applications for NBI clearance may be processed online at https://clearance.nbi.gov.ph/. According to the National Bureau of Investigation, applicants who possess NBI clearances issued from 2014 onwards may renew their NBI clearance without accomplishing a new NBI fingerprint card form No.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does it mean if I am “HIT?”

It means that in the database, someone who has the same name as you has a criminal case, so they need to double-check. Kaya mas mabuti if you have a unique name, para hindi na pa-balik-balik.

2. I was asked to come back for a Quality Control Interview? What should I do?

Be there on the date and time specified; it’s an interview with an NBI Clearance personnel regarding your identity. Someone with the same name might have a case, so if you don’t have one, you don’t need to worry.

3. I got HIT, how many days should I wait before my NBI clearance can be claimed?

Come back on the day the NBI personnel stated, however, it is usually ten (10) days. It could be shorter or longer depending on the number of applicants.

4. I can’t come back on the said day, what do I do?

You can come back for your NBI Clearance within the week or the next one.

5. Can my NBI Clearance be claimed by another person?

Yes, however, you need to make an Authorization Letter.

6. I had an emergency and missed my schedule, should I pay or apply again?

You can go to the branch ASAP. Check your application form when it is still valid.

7. I forgot to pay within 24 hours, is my reference number still valid?

It’s not anymore. You need to make a new appointment as the old reference number will resort to error.

8. I chose to pay thru Bayad Center, can I pay thru 7-Eleven instead?

No, you need to follow what you chose as it might be invalid.

9. Can someone else apply to my NBI Clearance?

No, the schedule is yours; they need to make their own appointment.

10. Can someone else apply for NBI Clearance me?

No, even though they bring your documents or know you; they need to capture your photos and fingerprints.

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