What is the National Electronic Health Record (NEHR)?

The National Electronic Health Record (NEHR) is a key enabler of Singapore’s strategic vision for “One Patient, One Health Record” where patients move seamlessly across the national healthcare network, receiving coordinated patient-centric care at the most appropriate settings. It provides secure access to a patient’s summary health record by authorised clinicians and healthcare professionals to:

  • Enable greater coordination and informed decision-making,
  • Support more accurate diagnosis, better treatment, and patient-centric integrated care.

NEHR is a repository that manages patient’s summary health record centrally by storing clinically relevant information from their encounters with clinicians and healthcare professionals across the national healthcare network throughout their life.The goal of the NEHR is for patients to enjoy hassle-free healthcare delivery, higher quality of care, fewer duplicate or unnecessary tests and/ or referrals, reduced medical errors and adverse drug events.

To ensure security and confidentiality of patient data while the best care is provided, the NEHR enforces measures to authenticate, authorise and audit healthcare institutions and users’ access to patient’s health record.​