What is NLB OverDrive?

Is Libby replacing the OverDrive app?
Yes, the OverDrive app will be removed from the Apple App Store, Google Play and
Microsoft store in February 2022. Existing OverDrive app users may continue to use
the OverDrive app but are strongly recommended to access the OverDrive collection
from the Libby app instead. The OverDrive website (https://nlb.overdrive.com) will
continue to be accessible to users via a browser.
New users looking for the OverDrive app will be directed to the Libby app. NLB will
keep users updated on the latest developments, with the goal of delivering an
enjoyable experience for users.

  1. What is the difference between NLB Mobile, OverDrive app and Libby?
    NLB Mobile, OverDrive and Libby are apps that let you borrow and read NLB’s eBooks
    / Audiobooks.
    NLB Mobile is an NLB app designed for access and transactions. It lets you borrow
    and read or listen to eBooks / eAudiobooks online, but does not have an in-built reader
    for downloaded eBooks / eAudiobooks. Additionally, it lets you access eNewspapers /
    eMagazines as well as online courses, and check your library account.
    The OverDrive app lets you borrow and download eBooks / eAudiobooks from the
    library. You can use the in-app features to read downloaded eBooks and listen to
    eAudiobooks. As the Overdrive app will be sunset in 2022, NLB strongly
    recommends users to switch to the Libby app.
    Libby is a new app by OverDrive. It also lets you borrow and download eBooks /
    eAudiobooks, but with a simpler user interface. NLB strongly recommends users to
    switch to the Libby app due to the eventual retirement of the OverDrive app.