What are the channels to submit my ITR12T return?

You can submit your ITR12T return via one of the following channels:


    • eFiling if you are a registered eFiler.


    • At the nearest SARS branch


      • Please note that you will have to provide the SARS agent all the required information prepared in advance on the draft template of the ITR12T available on the SARS website – the agent will not assist with the interpretation of financial statements.


      • A trust that have more than 10 persons who transacted with the trust during the year of assessment in any of the transactions listed below will have to register for eFiling and cannot submit at a SARS branch:


        • Taxable on income distributed to / vested in beneficiaries or taxable i.t.o s7 or par. 68 – 72 of the Eighth schedule


        • Received a distribution / vesting of non-taxable income from this trust


        • Received a distribution / vesting of capital or assets from this trust


        • Has outstanding loan(s) granted to this trust


        • Holds outstanding loan(s) from this trust


        • Made / Received donation(s) / contribution(s) to / from this trust


        • Received distributions from other trusts or foundations


        • Received refund(s) on contribution(s) made to this trust


      • Granted the right of use of asset(s) retained in this trust