Startup SG Accelerator Grant

Startup SG Accelerator

Startup SG Accelerator supports startup enablers, such as incubators and accelerators to nurture the development of high potential Singapore-based startups.

As part of ESG’s efforts to encourage startups to scale and access international markets, Startup SG Accelerator may also support the in-market programmes developed by startup enablers.

In addition, as part of ecosystem development, Startup SG Accelerator may also support global foreign startup enablers in setting up in Singapore.

Startup SG Accelerator will provide funding and non-financial support for these partners to further enhance their programs and expertise in nurturing successful Singapore-based startups.

Startup SG Accelerator at a Glance

The funding support under Startup SG Accelerator may cover the following costs:

Programmes to nurture startups: Costs of developing programme(s) that help startups develop new products and services, obtain business financing, improve market access, etc.

Mentoring startups: Hiring of mentors & experts to provide management and technical guidance to startups.

Operating expenses (partial): Enterprise Singapore will determine components of operating costs we can support, such as salaries for the team.


Applicants should:

  • Be accelerators, incubators or venture builders with a unique value proposition or specific programme(s) that has a strong track record in nurturing innovative startups in areas such as:
    • Access to markets and talents
    • Financing
    • Entrepreneurship training
    • Management guidance
    • Mentorship
  • Be willing to base their operations in Singapore to support Singapore-based startups.
  • Have a revenue model that will be sustainable in the long-term;
  • Have a proven management team with the necessary experience and expertise to groom innovative startups from their early stages into high-growth companies.


If you are an incubator, accelerator or venture builder interested in participating in Startup SG Accelerator, kindly write in to with a draft business plan containing the following information:

  1. Company background (including company website, if any)
  2. Details of incubation programme (e.g. profile of participants, programme structure, sector and funding stage focus, startup entry/exit criteria, successful teams etc.) 
  3. Management team (including their commitment to the programme) 
  4. Track record in grooming successful startups (including period of incubation and current portfolio) 
  5. Performance indicators for programme

We will contact you after assessing the suitability of your programme to be supported by the Startup SG Accelerator.

Venture capitalist and consultancy firms will not be considered for Startup SG Accelerator.