Sars efiling app


What’s New?

The SARS eFiling App and MobiSite are now available to taxpayers who want to file their Personal Income Tax Return (ITR12) via these mobile channels from their mobile devices. The SARS eFiling App is available for both Android and iOS mobile phones.

What is the SARS eFiling App?

The SARS eFiling App is one of the mobile channels from which you can complete and submit your Income Tax Return (ITR12). You can easily install the SARS eFiling App from the App Store (for Apple devices) or Google Play Store (for Android devices). On the SARS eFiling App you can complete, save and submit your 2018 return, as well as returns from previous years.

Registered eFilers may also use the app for the following:

  • View a Notice of Assessment
  • Request and view the Income Tax Statement of Account
  • View the status of the return
  • Use the tax calculator
Which devices are compatible with the SARS eFiling App?
  • iPhone 4/4S/iPhone 5 with iOS v6+
  • iPhone6 /iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPad
  • iPad mini with iOS v6+
  • Android phones
  • Android Tablets

Please note that the SARS eFiling App is only available to users who registered as ‘individuals’ on eFiling.

How do I download the SARS eFiling App?

Apple Devices
For Apple devices, the following steps must be followed to download the SARS eFiling App:
1. Open the App Store by tapping on the App Store tile on the springboard of your Apple device.

2. Type “SARS eFiling” into the Search Box.

3. Click on FREE:

4. Click on the INSTALL APP:

5. Type in your APPLE ID and Password and tap OK to continue.

6. The App will start loading, then Install as indicated below.

7. The SARS eFiling App will be displayed on your home screen.

Android Devices 

For Android devices, you can install the SARS eFiling App from Google Play Store:

1. Open the Play Store by tapping the Play Store tile on your device springboard.

2. Sign into the Play Store using your Google Account.

3. Type SARS eFiling into the Search box.

Click on Install.

Once installation has been completed, a shortcut will be created on your mobile.

Enter your username and password for eFiling to login

Please Note: You cannot register for eFiling on the mobisite or the App due to security reasons. It is advised that you first register for eFiling on a desktop or laptop and once the registration is successful, you can continue using either the eFiling App or SARS mobisite.

What is the SARS eFiling Mobisite?

The SARS eFiling MobiSite allows you to submit your individual Income Tax Return (ITR12) via eFiling from your mobile device’s Internet browser. The SARS MobiSite is compatible with most Internet capable mobile phones.The SARS eFiling MobiSite is available to anyone that does not have the SARS eFiling App, and also has the added advantage for visually impaired taxpayers who rely on screen-reading software to navigate on their mobile devices, PC or laptop. Visually impaired taxpayers will also benefit, since the SARS eFiling MobiSite also offers improved contrast and is able to adapt to the user’s choice of screen colour. The mobisite is accessible to blind and visually impaired taxpayers.
Important: Please note that the SARS MobiSite will only allow you to complete, save and file your 2018 income tax return.
In addition to Personal Income Tax Return (ITR12) services available on this site, you may also:
  • Register for eFiling
  • View notices sent to your inbox by SARS
  • Request a reminder of your username, reset your eFiling password
  • Request a Notice of Assessment or Income Tax Statement of Account

How do I access the eFiling Mobisite?

The following steps must be followed to access the eFiling Mobisite:

 1. Enter the eFiling MobiSite address in your mobile device’s Internet browser.
2. The SARS eFiling Mobile home page will be displayed.
3. The ‘Latest News’ section will provide more detail on the functionality available on the mobisite and key dates for returns.

4. Expand login sign.

5. Enter your eFiling username and password.

6. If you have forgotten your login details, scroll down to the reminder link for password reset and the following two options will be displayed to the user to reset the login name or password.

7. Depending on the option selected above, relevant information will be required in order to reset the password.