NLB Loan

From 1 August 2021 onwards, the loan period for all physical library materials will be 3 weeks. Patrons can renew books and music scores for another 3 weeks.

Loan Quota

(including eAudiobooks)
BASIC16 items16 items21 days for books, music scores, ebooks (including eAudiobooks)No renewal for audiovisual materials or magazinesBooks/music scores must be renewed before or on due date, for one time only.Ebooks can be renewed only during the last three days of the loan period.
FOREIGN16 items
24 items

^New registrations/renewals have ceased. Existing premium plus members can continue to enjoy their borrowing privileges until their subscription expires.
*For the borrowing privileges of ebooks:

  • Ebooks/eAudiobooks are automatically returned by the system, so there are no overdue fines.
  • Renewal is allowed if the item has not been reserved by another member.
  • Members can reserve up to 16 ebook titles. Reservation is free.

2.2 Renewal

Books and music scores can be renewed for free for another 21 days. Magazines and audio visual materials cannot be renewed. You may renew an item if:

  • the item has not been reserved by another member; or
  • the item has not been renewed before.
  • the item is not overdue.

2.3 Reminder Service

Library members will automatically receive email reminders:

  • daily reminder emails 5 days before the due date and
  • an email reminder for overdue items 1 and 7 days after the due date has passed.

They can also opt to receive one-time SMS reminders through myLibrary account via or the NLB Mobile app’s profile settings page.

This exclusive service reminds you to return borrowed items on time.

3) Fees and Charges

3.1 Overdue Fines

  • Overdue fines are charged at $0.15 per book/magazine/CD-ROM with accompanying book per day and $0.50 per audio-visual item per day.
  • Items should be returned before midnight (12.00am) for the stated due date, due items returned after midnight (12.00am) will incur overdue charges.
  • Your borrowing privileges will be suspended once charges are incurred in your library account. They will be restored once the outstanding fines are settled.

3.2 Lost items

  • For every item lost/damaged, the member will have to pay the cost of the item lost/damaged, administrative fee of $7.15 per item, and $1.07 for casing of lost/damaged AV materials and attachments.
  • Replacements for lost/damaged items will not be accepted.
  • There will be no refund once payment is made even if the lost item is found later.

3.3 Reservation

  • Members can make reservation for books/magazines/audio-visual materials via myLibrary account using the Online Catalogue or the catalogue stations. A maximum of 16 items can be reserved at any one time for Basic Members and Foreign Members, 24 items for Partner Members and Premium Plus Members.
  • A reservation fee of $1.55 is charged per item and must be paid before or on collection of the reserved item. You will be notified by email accordingly. The reservation fee will still be charged for uncollected items.
  • Your reservation will expire and be removed from the reservation queue if it remains unfulfilled after 180 days. You will be notified by e-mail accordingly. Please inform the library of any change in your contact details.
  • Items set aside for collection at branches on the request of users are also charged the reservation fee of $1.55 per item.
  • Library Members can collect any reserved items at any library (except library@chinatown).
  • Please ensure that you have not exceeded your maximum loan quota before collecting the reserved item.