Ngee Ann Polytechnic DAE

Early Admissions Exercise

Apply for your dream course in NP based on your aptitudes and interests via the EAE, an aptitude-based admissions exercise. The admission offer is conditional, based on your final O-Level grades.

1. Can I apply?

  • registered to sit for the GCE O-Level Examination in 2021
  • a strong aptitude and interest in a field related to a specific diploma course OR
  • talents in areas such as leadership, community service, entrepreneurship, arts and sports

2. How to Apply?
Apply via the Early Admissions Exercise portal
Application period is from 24 June to 30 June
Choose up to 3 courses and submit a write-up detailing your interest and aptitude for each course


  • List your accomplishments that are relevant to the course.
  • Show us your aptitude for applied learning through activities that you have joined.
  • Talk about your CCAs that are relevant to the course.
  • Draft your write-up on paper first, then get someone to give you feedback.
  • Focus on key highlights because you have a limited amount of characters.

3. What happens next?


  • You will be notified during the EAE selection stage if you are shortlisted for an interview.
  • Present a portfolio and showcase your aptitude, passion and commitment. The portfolio should include evidence of awards certificates, CCAs, key activities, work samples, or other interests and hobbies.
  • Final selection is based on interview performance and portfolio.


  • Check your application results at EAE portal and accept the posting
  • If you change your mind after accepting the posting, submit your withdrawal online. Otherwise, you cannot participate in the Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE) after the release of your O-Level results
  • If your application is successful, you will be granted a conditional posting
  • The condition is that you are required to sit for the ‘O’ Level examinations and obtain a net ELR2B2* score of not more than 26 points [*ELR2B2 = English Language (EL) + 2 Relevant Subjects (R2) + 2 Other Best Subjects (B2)] and meet the Minimum Entry Requirements (MER) for the course that you are offered.


  • Your conditional posting will be confirmed if you meet the above criteria upon the release of GCE O-Level examination results in January.
  • You will receive an enrolment package in 3 to 4 weeks with instructions on how to accept your offer online.

ELR2B2 & Planned Intake 
Courses with medical requirements