MediShield Life Claim

How Do You Make a Medishield Life Claim?

If You Have An Integrated Shield Plan

You may reach out to your private insurer or insurance agent and they will make the payment on your behalf, including the MediShield Life portion of the bill. You may settle the remainder of the bill via MediSave or cash. 

If You Have No Integrated Shield Plan

MediShield Life vs Integrated Shield Plans

Now, you may be wondering if MediShield Life is enough, or if you should “upgrade” your coverage to include an Integrated Shield Plan.

Integrated Shield Plans are offered by private insurance companies and are designed to complement MediShield Life. This means that if you do get an Integrated Shield Plan, you will not be charged twice for the same coverage. 

The Ministry of Health has a summary of Integrated Shield Plans you can refer to.

The main benefits of Integrated Shield Plans is that they allow coverage for private hospitals or Class A/B2+ Wards in public hospitals. You will be able to pay for some Integrated Shield Plans with your Medisave, with the following limits:

  • $300 per year for those at age 40 years and below on their next birthday
  • $600 per year for those at age 41 to 70 years on their next birthday
  • $900 per year for those at age 71 years and above on their next birthday

Any additional costs will have to be paid by cash.

How Much Are MediShield Life Premiums?

MediShield Life is administered by CPF and you will be paying for the premiums annually via your CPF Account, under the MediSave component. 

The older we get, a larger percentage of our CPF contribution goes to Medisave. This is because the older we get, the higher the likelihood of us needing medical assistance. CPF’s policy ensures that each generation remains independent and supports itself.

Age Next BirthdayAnnual Premiums (Inclusive of 7% GST)Age Next BirthdayAnnual Premiums (Inclusive of 7% GST)
1 – 20$14574 – 75$1,320
21 – 30$25076 – 78$1,530
31 – 40$39079 – 80$1,590
41 – 50$52581 – 83$1,675
51 – 60$80084 – 85$1,935
61 – 65$1,02086 – 88$2,025
71 – 70$1,10089 – 90$2,025
81 – 73$1,195>90$2,055

Information retrieved from CPF Board on 20 March 2021.

While MediShield Life covers all pre-existing conditions, those with serious pre-existing conditions like cancer, kidney failure, stroke, or heart diseases will have to pay an additional premium of 30% for 10 years due to higher health risks. 

You can pay for your own as well as your family members’ MediShield Life premiums with your MediSave. 

Are There MediShield Life Premium Subsidies?

There are rebates and subsidies for MediShield Life to ensure the scheme remains affordable as we grow older. 

The MediShield Life rebates structure ensures that members pay higher premiums before age 66, which reduces the premiums they pay after 66. You can find more information here.

The MediShield Life subsidies are slightly more complex, and are designed for lower to middle-income Singaporeans. 

  • Subsidies are available if you have
    • An average monthly income per household of $2,800 or below and
    • Are living in residences with an Annual Value of  $21,000 or below
  • Individuals who own multiple properties are not eligible for MediShield Life subsidies
  • Permanent Residents will receive half the subsidy rates applicable to Singapore Citizens

Those who are older and have lower incomes will receive greater subsidies.

For a more specific check of how much you need to contribute, you can use the MediShield Life Premium Checker.