Is SkillsFuture credit transferable?

The SkillsFuture Credit is not a cash account. It will not earn any interest and the credit is non-transferable and lapses upon a change of citizenship or death. The credit can be used to pay for out-of-pocket course fees for attending approved courses.

How much SkillsFuture credits do we get?

Beginning in January 2016, every Singaporean aged 25 and above has been bestowed with $500 worth of SkillsFuture credits.

This is a one-time deposit, but the government has promised that they will make top ups of SkillsFuture credits at regular intervals in the future. SkillsFuture credits never expire, so you can save up your credits or wait for top-ups so you can use them on more expensive courses.

Of course, $500 doesn’t really go very far, and you’ll notice that many SkillsFuture-approved courses cost a lot more than that. The balance will, of course, have to be paid by the individual.

How to claim SkillsFuture credits?

How do I claim SkillsFuture credits?

To submit a claim, you must already have applied for enrolment in a course and been issued an official invoice or receipt by the training provider. You can do this before your course starts.

Here’s how to apply to use your SkillsFuture credits:

1) Log into your SkillsFuture Credit Account using your SingPass.

2) Once logged in, you’ll see a button labelled “Submit a Claim”.

3) If this is your first time submitting a claim, you will be prompted to first complete your profile. You will be required to enter your contact, education and employment information.

4) Once you’ve updated your profile, click on “Select a Course”. You will need to search for and select your course in the SkillsFuture database.

5) Fill in the rest of the online form, indicating how much of your SkillsFuture credit you wish to use.

6) Upload supporting documents, which should be an official receipt, invoice or other proof of course fees.

7) Submit the form.

SkillsFuture will pay the amount you have indicated directly to your course provider. You can check on the status of your claim by logging back into your SkillsFuture Credit Account at any time.