How to Access eFundi

What do I need to be able to use eFundi?
 Access to the Internet (in the event of a cell phone or router, you will need airtime or data bundles).
 A web browser (this is the software on the computer, laptop, cell phone that is needed to visit the Internet. Please use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari. Do not use Internet Explorer

Can I access eFundi on my smartphone?
Yes, you can although due to the small screen size many of the study material or learning activities will be difficult to view. It is suggested that you access eFundi via a tablet (such as an iPad or Samsung Galaxy tablet), laptop or desktop computer.

How to access eFundi?
 Open the web browser (internet program) (Google,Firefox or Safari)
 In the address field (where you usually see a website address), type
 Press the enter button on your keyboard.
 The eFundi login page will appear.

Login to eFundi:
 At the top right-hand corner of the computer screen you will see a button labelled Login – click on it.
 You will now see a screen where you can enter your Username and Password
In the Username field, type in your NWU student number. In the password field, type in your password. Please note that the initial password that the NWU provides to you
will be your South African ID number or for international students, passport number, followed by “@Nwu”, e.g. 0001010012082@Nwu. You will have to change this password as soon as possible to something more secure that you will be able to remember.
Click on the Login button.