How much is SFA license?

Fees & Charges

You have to pay an application fee of S$157.50 (inclusive of 7% GST) for any new application made for food processing, cold store and slaughter-house licence. 

The application fee covers:

  • evaluation of floor plans and process flow chart
  • a joint site inspection of the completed premises with the Licensing to ensure it complies with SFA’s requirements before we can issue a licence

For registration of food storage warehouse, the application it is currently free.

Annual licence fees

More information on the fees & charges for each category of new licence can be found below. We encourage payment for the subsequent annual licence fee to be made through InterBank GIRO. Non-Giro users can pay via e-payment. 

Type of annual licenceFee
Licence to operate a cold store for storage of meat & seafood productsS$260
Licence to operate a food processing establishment:
– Meat & Fish processing establishment
– Other processed food establishment
   a) Below 200 m2
   b) 200 to 750 m2
   c) Above 750 m2


S$180 (S)
S$360 (M)
S$600 (L) 
Licence to operate a meat or fish processing establishment where meat or fish products in containers are hermetically sealed and thereafter preserved by subjection to heat treatmentS$840 
Licence to operate a slaughter-house for poultryS$1000
Licence to operate a new slaughter-house for livestockS$4000
Registration of food storage warehouseS$0