How much do Detectives earn in South Africa?

What Do Detective or Criminal Investigators Do?

Detectives or criminal investigators typically investigate violations of the law using all resources necessary (such as witnesses, written records, video surveillance, and numerical data). Throughout the investigation, detectives or criminal investigators interpret information, prepare reports, and provide a final evaluation of the evidence. Additionally, these individuals may be called on to testify in court. Detectives or criminal investigators often assess the evidence in an office setting, b…Read moreDetective or Criminal Investigator Tasks

  • Compile, examine and assemble evidence to identify culprits.
  • Facilitate information and evidence transfer between departments.
  • Make arrests and restrain suspects.
  • Examine crime sites, interview suspects and witnesses and document findings.
  • Document hypotheses, warrants and conclusions, associating evidence and following regulations.

Popular Employer Salaries for Detective or Criminal Investigator

South African Police Services ==== > R203k