How many courses are there in NYP?

Over 40 diploma courses and programmes are available for application under the EAE. Of these, 20 of them will be allowed to admit up to 50% of their enrolment through the EAE. 

C74Molecular Biotechnology10
NYPC65Pharmaceutical Science11
NYPC45Medicinal Chemistry12
NYPC72Oral Health Therapy13
NYPC47Social Sciences (Social Work)14
NYPC60Digital Game Art & Design14
NYPC69Food Science & Nutrition14
NYPC70Game Development & Technology14
NYPC93Mass Media Management14
NYPC96Banking & Finance14
NYPC98Accountancy & Finance14
NYPC49Biologics & Process Technology15
NYPC51Aeronautical & Aerospace Technology15
NYPC52Aerospace Systems & Management15
NYPC71Biomedical Engineering15
NYPC67Hospitality & Tourism Management16
NYPC73Chemical & Pharmaceutical Technology16
NYPC81Sport & Wellness Management16
NYPC43Business Intelligence & Analytics17
NYPC46Food & Beverage Business17
NYPC50Nanotechnology & Materials Science17
NYPC57Digital Visual Effects17
NYPC94Business Management17
NYPC41Engineering With Business18
NYPC85Information Technology18
NYPC63Visual Communication19
NYPC66Motion Graphics & Broadcast Design19
NYPC80Infocomm & Security19
NYPC87Robotics & Mechatronics19
NYPC59Interaction Design20
NYPC64Spatial Design20
NYPC83Industrial Design20
NYPC39Aerospace / Electrical / Electronics Programme21
NYPC40Aerospace / Mechatronics Programme26
NYPC42Common Engineering Programme26
NYPC48Electrical Engineering With Eco-Design26
NYPC62Digital & Precision Engineering26
NYPC75Multimedia & Infocomm Technology26
NYPC89Electronic Systems26
NYPC34Common Business Programme
NYPC35Business & Financial Technology
NYPC36Common ICT Programme