How long does it take for customs to clear a package in South Africa

I get a parcel from overseas about once or twice every month, for the past 4 years. At the moment it is really slow, my last parcel took about 2 months to arrive, and my parcel was stuck at Customs for one and a half months. Also expect no feedback from the tracking number while it is at the Customs. Weird, always an issue. First it was them not paying SAA, so the packages took a month and a week to arrive at the Customs, but Customs took like 2 weeks. Then there was the strike, and no postage moved for like 6 weeks. Now it is the issue with Customs taking forever. The quickest I have ever had was two and a half weeks, that was my first parcel, 4 years ago, then it became a month, and now it has varied depending on whatever issue they have, but at the moment it is 2 months.