How long does FNB eWallet last?

The eWallet PIN for FNB is valid for four hours. Upon its expiration, the recipient can opt for FNB eWallet new pin request at any given period by dialing *130*277#.

How does FNB eWallet work?

Being a fast mode of transaction, eWallet works by allowing a user to send and receive money through their electronic gadgets. The first step of the transaction is for the user to load money into their accounts. The money is debited from the user’s account into their eWallet accounts in the form of digital representation. Being in the form of the digital representation means that the money is with the service provider who is responsible for keeping ledgers and records of all the users and their data. Therefore, for any deposits that a user makes, the money is transferred from the user’s bank account to the dedicated bank account that the user has chosen. The records of the ledgers are also automatically updated.

When a user chooses to send money to another eWallet user, there is no actual money transfer from one account to the other. Instead, what happens is that the ledgers are automatically updated to show that a transaction was performed and money was sent from your account to the recipient’s account. The recipient receives an SMS after receiving money into the eWallet. That is how convenient eWallet is. These how to do eWallet operation guides will be beneficial for you if you are a new user.