How is MediShield life paid?

How do I pay the MediShield Life premiums?

The payment options for MediShield Life premiums include:

  • A family member performing a “Change of Payer for MediShield Life Cover” request to take over the premium payment using his/her MediSave.
  • Voluntary top-up to your or the premium payer’s MediSave Account via E-Cashier and select “Contribute to My MediSave”.

You can view the premium deduction in your Transaction history at the CPF website.

For further assistance, please contact us at 1800 222 3399 or email us here

If there are insufficient funds in my MediSave Account, can I use my Ordinary Account/Special Account monies to pay for my MediShield Life premiums?

The savings in a member’s various CPF accounts are for specific uses. Savings in the Ordinary Account and Special Account are primarily for housing and retirement while the savings in the MediSave Account are for payment of MediShield Life premium and hospitalisation expenses.

Generally, funds in the accounts are not inter-transferable. Therefore, the funds in your Ordinary Account/Special Account is unable to be used for payment of MediShield Life premiums.

How often do I have to pay MediShield Life premiums?

If you are the payer of your/your dependants’ MediShield Life premiums, the premiums will be collected annually from your MediSave Account.

You will be notified on the net premium payable and applicable subsidies via the Premium Notice Letter that will be sent about 1 month before the renewal of your MediShield Life cover.

What if I am unable to pay for my MediShield Life premiums?

There are various Government subsidies available to help Singaporeans with their MediShield Life premiums. In addition, there is Additional Premium Support (APS) to help those who are unable to afford their MediShield Life premiums even after Government subsidies and if they have limited family support.

The Government will send them application forms to apply for APS, and reach out to them to help them with the process if they are unable to make the applications by themselves.

Can I withdraw from MediShield Life?

Universal lifelong coverage under MediShield Life ensures that all Singapore Citizens (SCs) and Permanent Residents (PRs) will have assurance against large healthcare bills. This is in line with our move to a more inclusive society with stronger collective responsibility. MediShield Life is thus mandatory for all SCs and PRs.

How do I view and pay my/my dependants’ MediShield Life premiums?

You can log in to your Healthcare dashboard to view your/your dependant’s MediShield Life premiums under the “Health insurance” section.

You can pay the MediShield Life premiums by:

1) Asking a family member to perform a “Change of Payer for MediShield Life Cover” to take over the premium payment using his/her MediSave savings.

2) Performing a voluntary top-up to your or the premium payer’s MediSave Account via e-Cashier by selecting “Contribute to My MediSave”.

MediSave top-ups are generally credited within three working days. You can view the MediSave top-up(s) and/or premium deduction(s) in your Transaction history by logging in to

More payment options are available in the link below:

I have renounced my citizenship/am residing overseas without local bank account. How do I pay my outstanding MediShield Life premiums?