How do I set up a foreigner Corppass?

What is needed for registration?

For local companies:

  • Unique Entity Number (UEN)
  • Admin’s Personal information: National Registration Identity Card (NRIC), full name, email, SingPass login details
  • RO’s information (if a person other than RO is getting registered): NRIC, full name, email

For foreign companies:

  • Business registration documents
  • CorpPass Admin ID

Foreigners who have a SingPass ID can just proceed with the registration as normal while foreigners who do not can use CorpPass 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) mobile application.

Foreign entities can see IRAS’s Step-by-step guide for CorpPass registration of foreign entities (PDF).

How to set up an account

  1. Prepare the documents for the registration.
  2. Go to the CorpPass website and click on ‘Register as a CorpPass Admin’.
  3. Create necessary accounts and delegate roles.
  4. Add digital services your company needs to transact with.
  5. Assign digital services with the respective user accounts of your entity.