How can I get BCA approval?

As the Qualified Person (QP) appointed for structural works, you need to get approval for the structural plans and a permit before work can start.

Building works exempted from structural approval or permit

You will need a permit for all building works except for insignificant building works, as stated in the First Schedule of the Building Control Regulations.

Who can apply

Approval for building plansPermit to start structural works
A QP who is a registered professional engineer in the civil or structural discipline.The developer, QP and builder who will carry out the works must make a joint application.

When to submit applications

Type of submissionTime taken for BCA to respond (working days)
Project where an accredited checker’s certificate is not required7
Projects where an accredited checker’s certificate in required10 (First submission)14 (Subsequent submissions)
Permit to carry out structural works7


  • You can apply for a permit together with your application for approval of structural plans or after obtaining plan approval.
  • You can seek approval of structural plans in phases (e.g. piling, substructure or basement and superstructure), or submit multiple plans for independent structures if your project is complex.
  • If there are material changes (i.e. changes that require a re-design of key structural elements) to the approved plans during building, you must obtain approval before carrying out the proposed change on site. If changes are immaterial (i.e. changes that do not affect any key structural element or if they do, the effects are localised in nature and do not require a re-design of key structural elements), you can proceed without prior approval. However, you must keep and maintain a record of all changes and incorporate them in subsequent structural plans.