Enterprise Singapore Login Portal


Business Grants Portal (BGP) has been enhanced to be a one-stop portal for new Enterprise Development Grants (EDG) applications, amendments and claims submissions.

Only the following services are available in the Enterprise Singapore Grant Portal (ESGP):

  • Rework EDG amendments/claims submitted before 30 August 2021,
  • Submit or rework Capability Development Grant (CDG) amendments/claims

Thank you for your understanding.

EDG projects are supported on a reimbursement basis. Claims can be submitted when all project deliverables have been achieved. Claims must reach Enterprise Singapore no later than six months from the end of the project qualifying period*.

*Refer to project Letter of Offer for details on project deliverables and project qualifying period.

Step 1: Refer to Letter of Offer 

Refer to your Letter of Offer for details on:

  • Project Qualifying Period
  • Project Deliverables

Projects should have been completed within the specified qualifying period, and all project deliverables should have been achieved.Step 2: Prepare Documents 

Prepare the following documents required for claims submission (Claims submission checklist):

  • Complete and submit GIRO form via Formsg here.
    • No action required if there is no change to the GIRO details previously submitted to ESG.
  • Deliverables Documentation
  • Cost Items Documentation for audit (e.g. Invoices, bank statements, employment contract, etc.).
  • For first time applicants, complete the Giro form and mail it to the address indicated on the document.

Step 3: Submit Claims on BGP and select auditors 

Submit claims

  • Log on to the Business Grant Portal (BGP) and select “File a New Claim”. Refer to the BGP guide for more information.
  • Upload project summary report and documentation of project deliverables under “Project Report” tab in BGP.

Select auditors

  • During final claim submission in BGP, select an auditor from Enterprise Singapore’s Pre-Qualified Panel to verify your claims, unless expressly exempted by Enterprise Singapore.
  • Upload cost items documentation (e.g. invoices, bank statements) under “Supporting Documents” in BGP.
  • Upon completion of the above steps, submit the claim and record the claim number for future reference. If you require further technical support on your claim submission, please contact Enterprise Infoline.

What happens after you have submitted your claims

  • An Enterprise Singapore officer will verify that the project deliverables have been met, and may contact you for further information if required. A site visit or presentation meeting may be arranged for this purpose. You may be asked to revise your Project Report if the information is incomplete.
  • Concurrently, the auditor that you have appointed will verify your claim documents and issue an Audit Report upon completion of the verification. The auditor may contact you for further information if required.
  • The approved claim amount will be disbursed within six to eight weeks via GIRO to your designed bank account after successful verification of project deliverables AND expenses. First time applicants will need to ensure your GIRO account is set up and furnish the GIRO information to Enterprise Singapore for fund disbursement.
  • You will be informed via email when the grant has been approved and disbursed.
  • An email will also be sent out by DBS to the email address stated in the GIRO form to confirm the transaction.