Does NYP have dorms?

About 80% of Singaporeans live in public housing. Built and maintained by the Housing and Development Board (HDB), they are known as HDB flats and are located in many estates around the city. These estates are self-contained suburbs, each has its own clinics, schools, supermarkets, food centres, shopping centres as well as sports and recreational facilities.

Located around the island are other accommodation options such as private houses and condominiums.

Since we do not provide hostel accommodation, you’ll need to make your own housing arrangements.You have the option of renting a HDB flat, a condominium apartment or a room in a flat or private house, depending on your budget.

Most international students stay in HDB flats in view of their relative affordability. International students usually rent rooms from the owners of HDB flats.

  • Flats approved for rental by HDB
  • Located near NYP
  • Accessibility (near bus stops or MRT stations)
  • Free usage of common area like kitchen and study area
  • Provision of basic furniture and furnishing


Students who need help in finding accommodation may wish to check the following websites* for reference:

Accommodation Websites:

Housing Agencies:

Private Hostels:


The above list is neither exclusive nor exhaustive, and serves only as a reference. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the information or endorse any information presented on these websites. You are advised to make independent enquiries with the relevant accommodation providers listed on these websites before acting on this information. Please check on the suitability, reliability and fees chargeable by the agency you have chosen to help with your accommodation arrangements in Singapore.

Finding a Real Estate Agents

All real estate agents in Singapore must be registered with the Council for Estate Agents (CEP). Check the CEP’s approved database to make sure your agent is approved. Your agent should also be carrying an estate agent card.