Do you eat tiramisu with fork or spoon?

Table manners for eating soft desserts. In general, eat custards and other very soft desserts with a spoon, using the fork for berries or any other garnishes. Cake, pie, or crepes being served ala mode – i.e., with ice cream – may be eaten with either or both of the utensils.

Table manners for eating firm desserts. For firmer desserts such as dense cakes or poached pears, switch the utensils – the fork for eating, the spoon for pushing and cutting.

Table manners for eating layer cake. When you’re served layer cake with the slice upright, turn it on its side with a dessert fork and spoon or any other utensil that remains at your place. If all of the other utensils have been cleared, then do your best with your fork and the fingers of the other hand.