Can foreigners apply for Singapore government jobs?

Does the Singapore Public Service employ non-Singaporeans?

Yes, non-Singaporeans can apply and be considered for jobs in the Public Service. Generally, they are hired for non-sensitive positions that are operational in nature or where the skills required are in shortage.

Other Information

Is there any age criterion for applying Public Service positions?

Candidates of all ages are welcomed to apply for available jobs.

Can candidates with criminal records apply for positions in the Singapore Public Service?

All candidates are welcomed to apply. Selection will be based on best fit for the job. Candidates need not declare criminal records when applying for a job in the Civil Service.

Application Process


How do I check my application status?

Login to your Careers@Gov account. The status of your job applications will be shown on the ‘Home’ page. If you are not able to find the application, that could be because you have made more that 200 job applications.

Please quote the position title and/or reference number attached to your application if you wish to contact the agency’s HR or Careers@Gov administrator with further queries..

When will I get a response for my job application?

Agencies review all job applications received and will contact shortlisted candidates for interviews. All applicants will generally be notified on whether they are shortlisted or not within 4-6 weeks of the closing date of the job posting or by the date specified in the job posting.

Do I need to send in my curriculum vitae/resume/copies of my educational qualifications after submitting my online application?

You do not need to send in any of the above documents at the point of application, unless the ministry has requested for these documents to be attached upfront. You will be asked to bring along your relevant documents when the ministry invites you for an interview.


I am a final-year undergraduate who will be graduating soon. Can I submit my application for any of the on-going recruitment exercises?

Yes, you can submit your application. If you are found suitable, you may be given a provisional offer of appointment.

Currently I have a registered business, which does not require much involvement and I am keen to start working again. Would I qualify for a job in the Public Service?

You can be considered for positions in the Public Service, as long as:
1. Your personal activities/business do not affect or influence your performance of your official duties;
2. There is no conflict of interest between your official duties and your personal activities/business; and
3. Your personal activities/business will not bring the Public Service into disrepute.

The ministry will make this assessment relative to the post that you are being considered for. You may wish to enquire directly with the ministry of your interest if you have further queries.