Can Ewallet be traced?

eWallet is the most popular and used mobile banking service in South Africa. In fact, about R26 Billion was sent via FNB eWallet in the 2018 financial year.

And sadly, it happens that you’ll sometimes send eWallet payment to a wrong cellphone number.

What would you do?

Follow these simple steps to reverse your FNB eWallet transaction today.

Reverse eWallet Payment

There are two ways you can reverse an eWallet payment.

1. Call centre

You can stay on the line for minutes trying to reverse eWallet with call centre.

Call 087 575 9405 for assistance with your eWallet reversal.

We don’t recommend this method as it’s more stressful and not cost-effective.

2. Cellphone banking

This is the simplest method for reversing payment. You’ll need to have airtime to process the reversal.

  • Dial *120*321# on your cellphone [USSD]
  • Select option 4 for “Send Money” Next
  • Select option 5 for “eWallet reversal”
  • Select the transaction that you want to reverse.
  • And that’s it.

Unfortunately, there’s currently no option to reverse eWallet with the FNB App and Internet banking.

You’ll be charged R50 for requesting a reversal and FNB doesn’t guarantee you’ll get your money back. To be safe, kindly double-check and cross-check the cellphone number of the recipient before clicking that send button.

Your money won’t be reversed instantly into your banking account, it’ll take some days. According to experienced customers, it takes between 4 to 15 days to process the FNB eWallet reversals.